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Get 3 FREE Laundry Machine Cleaners!

Eliminate Dangerous Toxic Mold!

Need Help? Call Us 231-944-1716
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST

Get 3 FREE Laundry Machine Cleaners!

Eliminate Dangerous Toxic Mold TODAY!

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How Your Washing Machine Can Be Dangerous...

Mold Loves Humidity

Your washing machine naturally holds humidity where mold can thrive.

Detergent Residue Is Food For Germs

Germs love organic material on your clothes that sticks to detergent residue.

Bacteria Needs A Place To Hide

Your machine has dark cracks and crevices that are the perfect spot to live.

What's Lurking Inside Your Laundry Machine?

Chemical “suds makers” and thickeners found in conventional laundry detergent build-up in your washing machine.

These bacteria have even been linked to outbreaks of serious illnesses in hospitals 1

They prevent your clothes from ever truly smelling clean and fresh, so you start using more and more laundry detergent!

You and your family deserve to break free from this cycle...

Say Goodbye to Mold & Bacteria The Natural Way!


Your Laundry Machine Cleaner is an effortless, safe and all natural way to eliminate these built-up residue and lingering organic material (like fecal matter…gross!).


It leaves your machine smelling fresh, sparkling clean, and free of funk. 


It is perfect when starting to use MyGreenFills non-toxic products for the first time, and just to keep your machine smelling fresh and working right.

Buy 1 & Get 3 FREE Today!

Thats Not All...

Protect Your Washing Machine

Extend the life of your washing machine by removing damaging detergent sludge

Eliminate Funky Odors & Smells

The cleanest smelling clothes, the cleanest smelling laundry machine.

Save Money On Laundry Detergent

Use less laundry detergent to get an even BETTER result.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

5 Years of AMAZING results...


As a mom of 5, my washing machine is running all day!  I love using MyGreenFills Laundry Machine Cleaner once a month to keep my machine clean, free from soap scrum, calcium water deposits and anything funky that can transfer to our clothing.  It’s so easy to use and works fantastic.

– Sarah D.

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 11.57.04 AM

Who knew you needed to clean your washing machine?  I was amazed at how well MyGreenFills Laundry Machine Cleaner worked! No more weird egg smell from my drain! 

Having a clean washing machine has never been so easy!

– Anna C.

Julie O.

Keeping my family’s clothes clean is a priority of mine.  I was noticing a weird smell from my machine and had to try MyGreenFills Laundry Machine Cleaner and I was AMAZED. 

It cleaned my machine so well.  My washing machine drum is so shiny and clean!

– Julie O

How To Use...

Toss bag inside your washing machine

Run a heavy, hot water cycle

Your machine is now funk free


How does the product work?

This product uses all natural salts and minerals to break apart the gunk that is a breeding ground for bacteria.  

This sludge is left from conventional detergents and the Laundry Machine Cleaner will ensure that you are dissolving this nasty gunk!

When will my order ship?

We will try our best to get it out next business day; however we are a growing family run business.  

As soon as your order leaves our facility you will receive a shipping confirmation with your tracking number.

How do I use it

Simply set your washing machine for the highest temperature wash setting, throw the bag into the wash, and you are all set!

Remove the muslin bag when finished and reuse it for countless things around your home 🙂

Can I use your products in my High Efficiency Washer?

You can!

All of our products are formulated for HE and standard washers alike! 

Is there any scent?


This product is entirely unscented and fragrance free.

is this guaranteed to work?

This product is formulated to dissolve all kinds of toxic slime from your washing machine.  

Older machines and hard water can make it harder to clean out all of the gunk, and so many of our customers will buy more to perform ongoing maintenance on their machine!